money mindset for entrepreneurs

Balancing Mindfulness with a Money Mindset

What is it about money that makes us so uncomfortable?  We set out to create a business… that should come with the expectation that money will change hands.  We dream of success… but always quietly so no one thinks we’re greedy.  We toil when we’re barely making ends meet… worrying alone so no one thinks […]

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publicity and content work together

How Publicity and Content Work Together

We talk a lot about content. We also do a lot of instructing on publicity. What’s really important to understand, however, is how these two branding elements work together. You can’t expect to get far with public relations without content. Conversely, content can help publicity opportunities to seemingly fall in your lap. So let’s discuss […]

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Practicing Creativity in Business

How to Reboot Your Creative Spark

We’ve all been there. Uninspired. Unmotivated. Stuck. Slow-going. And if ever there were a year for losing your edge and your focus, 2020 is it. There’s so much out there to distract you. So many concerns pulling you away from your determination. None of us could have foreseen all the ways in which we’d be […]

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