If you’ve been running a business any time in the last decade, you’ve seen a lot of social media tips come and go. Platforms have risen and fallen. Algorithms have changed. Whether you’re weary of all the “tips” or just getting started in 2020, we have some good news for you.

Social media is NO LONGER about obsessing over which platform is best. It’s just not. And truly, it never really has been.

There may be little tricks for reaching a wider audience here. Or ways to gain followers fast there. But is that really what you want? Small wins and quick tricks?

Of course not. Because you’re a smart, forward-thinking business owner who knows nothing great comes fast and easy. 

Let’s dig in.


What’s your message?


Are you an esthetician who believes in only using all organic products? Are you an interior designer who focuses on creating exclusively Boho spaces? Who are you in the most bare-bones words?

Start there. 

Everything should derive from that very raw, broad position. If you’re sitting there thinking I need to Tweet something today, you’re already getting off on the wrong foot. The photos you take for Instagram, the blog posts you share to Pinterest, the videos you upload to YouTube has nothing to do with what the platform is/needs. What you share starts with your message first, not a platform’s needs. In some way, everything you create should circle around to your simplest idea as a business owner, regardless of where you’re sharing. 

And once you’ve got that nailed down, you can decide where that message fits. 


Who are your people?


It’s vital that you have a strong sense of who your audience is. Even if you only have five customers to date (or even none), you should be able to imagine who would be attracted to your brand. How do they spend their day? Where do they get their information? What sort of time do they have to digest content?

Odds are, you have some similarities with your target customer. Think about how you do these things? 

The truth is, your audience isn’t on just one or two platforms. Nor does everyone use each platform exactly the same. So hemming and hawing while researching the demographic makeup of each platform is a wasted endeavor. 

Check out your own screen time usage. How much time do you spend on each platform? Do you even use *cough cough* Facebook anymore? If not, then maybe it’s not the one for you despite how many users are on there. 

Social media in 2020 isn’t about which platform is the biggest or the newest or the most exciting. It’s about what your audience is ACTUALLY using. 


Why is social media there?


A social media marketing plan that starts with the question: “What social media platforms should I use?” is beginning at the end. 

You don’t create content for social. Social is for spreading your content.

Do not start your social media marketing plan by creating posts. Start by creating CONTENT!

What are the thoughts in your head you want to get out? How do you enjoy relaying content? Video? Audio? Long form writing? Quick, poignant memes? Create first, then start to figure out what the best ways to deliver those pieces may be.

If you like firing up your camera and speaking right to the audience through video, YouTube, Facebook and IGTV can all be great tools. 

If you like writing long-form blogs, then you might pluck out segments of your content to repurpose as Instagram captions, share links on Facebook and dictate your blog post for podcast episodes. 

If you have fabulous design skills, you can pretty up any IG feed, get way involved with Pinterest and design some very compelling story Highlights. 

The days of picking the most popular platforms or scheduling posts on a social media site just because “everyone is on it” are gone. Done. Dead. Social media needs to be there for your content. Not the other way around. If you hate tweeting, stop doing it. If you are pulling teeth to go Live on Facebook… say “buh bye” to that record button. Create content how you like creating it, then find the best fit for sharing. You’ll enjoy the process more and you won’t get caught in the “I don’t know what to post” moment ever again!