Everything You Need to Make the Most of Instagram Stories: Fonts, Filters, Highlight Icons and Organization and More

It’s getting pretty hard to avoid Instagram Stories. If you’ve been resisting, hoping that filling your feed is enough, then it’s time to strap in. Over 500 million people are sharing to their Instagram Stories every day. Some are all out abandoning their feed for this fast-moving, snapshot of life.  But it’s a little less […]

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social media blogs

Should I still be blogging in 2020?

Everyone has heard the phrase “blogging is dead” somewhere. It’s a common trope of the “marketing tips” community to call something dead when it’s a few years old. Facebook is dead. Twitter is dead. Myspace is dead. Okay, that last one might be true. But the real truth is, as long as something is still […]

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branding experts

Identifying Your Brand Buckets

If you spend any amount of time with Elly and Nora Creative, you’re going to hear us talk about buckets. A lot. Buckets are the bread and butter of our branding strategy. It’s a crucial element to understanding any business and business owner.  Since we’ll be mentioning buckets a lot, we thought it would be […]

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10: Taking A Risk With Gino Belassen

Show Notes: Gino is a visual artist and designer. His work has been exhibited and collected in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Asia and Australia.  He runs his own art gallery alongside his mom in downtown Phoenix called Belhaus, where he operates as creative director. The gallery/café features a collection of original artwork from a select […]

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don't fake it as a business owner

Why You Can’t Fake It Til You Make It Anymore

In business, there are always catchy little phrases meant to motivate or guide new business owners towards “success.” Grab the low-hanging fruit. Think outside the box. Failure is not an option. Supersize it. Okay, that last one was just because we’re hungry.  You get the idea though. Most of these are old and tired, but […]

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Practicing Creativity in Business

How to Reboot Your Creative Spark

We’ve all been there. Uninspired. Unmotivated. Stuck. Slow-going. And if ever there were a year for losing your edge and your focus, 2020 is it. There’s so much out there to distract you. So many concerns pulling you away from your determination. None of us could have foreseen all the ways in which we’d be […]

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personal branding and corporate branding expert

Personal Branding vs. Corporate Branding

  Some people naturally show up, front and center, in their brand. Others prefer pushing their business and their products to the forefront. Neither is right or wrong. What we’re talking about is the difference between personal branding and corporate branding. And if you’re contemplating which fits you and your business best, it’s important to […]

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personal branding for non profit ceos

Personal Branding Tips for Nonprofit CEOs

The need for CEOs to build a brand of their own is not a new concept. Anyone running a business should be as accessible as the brand itself. We know customers don’t connect with logos alone. Audiences don’t attach to a business name. Products do not ignite human connection. People are what people need. And […]

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public relations and publicity

PR from the Journalist’s Point of View

We see you over there, DIYing your PR. And we just want to say… “You go, Glen Coco!” Public relations is not an easy gig. Especially when you are starting from scratch, doing it yourself. Researching media contacts, crafting pitches, following up, and wondering if it’s working while you wait is a difficult process. So […]

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08: Chasing A Dream With Mike Olbinski

Show Notes: Mike is a Phoenix and Scottsdale-based, self-described “storm chasing wedding photographer.” His work has been seen around the world in commercials, documentaries, magazines, movies, sports, television shows, websites, etc., and he’s even received a coveted Emmy Award.  Specializing in time-lapse storm footage and fine artwork, Mike grew up obsessing over storms. He focused […]

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09: Celebrating Makers With Georganne Bryant

Show Notes: Georganne established her brick and mortar, Frances, in Central Phoenix 13 years ago. As the creator behind “love Phoenix or leave Phoenix,” she has put her heart and soul into creating what is known as a Phoenix staple. The shop includes a carefully curated selection of clothing, jewelry, home goods, and novelty gifts. […]

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publicity and content work together

How Publicity and Content Work Together

We talk a lot about content. We also do a lot of instructing on publicity. What’s really important to understand, however, is how these two branding elements work together. You can’t expect to get far with public relations without content. Conversely, content can help publicity opportunities to seemingly fall in your lap. So let’s discuss […]

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03: Finding Your Ideal Audience With Ashley Allen

Show Notes: Ashley is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition and an International Federation of Body Building and Fitness Professional Athlete. She offers personal training and small-group training in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as online fitness and nutrition coaching all […]

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07: Being Intentional With Jessica Helgeson

Show Notes: Jessica founded See Salt in 2013 alongside her mother, who is also her business partner. It is a finishing salt company that offers extremely versatile, mineral-rich, non-processed salts for daily use. What originally started as a food blog specializing in fairly simple recipes has turned into marketing a product while creating brand and […]

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Branding Copy Write

Finding Your Brand Voice

Think of what you really want. Then stare into water. Important water.  And suddenly, you’ll start to sing. And that’s how you find your brand voice… Just kidding. This isn’t a Disney movie. Or a musical. This is your business. But a strong voice is still a must.  However, this concept of voice is a […]

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05: Quitting Your Day Job With Malori Maeva

Show Notes: Malori is the owner and lead designer of Form Floral, an art-focused floral design company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Though she earned her degree in marketing, Malori found herself craving a more creative path. Over the past six years, she’s honed her floral design skills and grown her business from a home-based […]

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04: Becoming Marketable With Kaeli Day

Show Notes: Kaeli Day has over 15 years of experience in graphic design and screen printing. She is also an illustrator, writer and the owner/CEO of Kaeraz. Kaeraz was founded in 2013 by Kaeli and it features a collection of retro-style tees, accessories and other southwest and souvenir-inspired apparel. She spends her days running an […]

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