Covid-19 has ravaged industries across the world, deeming certain aspects of our society as “essential” while leaving others in shambles. Our heart has been hurting for the performance art sector, a form of entertainment we hold very near and dear to our hearts here at Elly and Nora. 

As the world tries to find its footing, we feel compelled to offer help to artists seeking opportunities in an age when theaters and performance venues have canceled their seasons.

During this so-called downtime, artists can take the opportunity to build their digital presence and prepare themselves for seasons to come. In today’s online landscape, even an industry as traditionally offline as stage performance needs a personal branding and digital strategy. 

Perhaps now more than ever when returning auditions might be held remotely and there aren’t ongoing performances to catch the attention of producers and casting directors, you should be showcasing your talent and attracting an audience even if you can’t be on stage right now. 

We want to teach you how in our second annual Personal Branding Workshop for Performance Artists. 


Crafting Your Story


Odds are there are videos of you performing, reviews of your work covered by local news outlets, and maybe an active Instagram following scattered about the internet. This is all well and good, but not highly specific. What personal branding will do is help you curate those existing items and craft more pieces of content into a clear story that can help grow your career. 

Unfortunately, many performance artists leave it up to Google search for their coverage, allowing whatever pops up when their name is researched to serve as their brand.

We want to help artists dig deeper. You are so much more than your last performance or a critic’s review. You are a unique individual who has a past and an ascension and a message to share with the world. It’s crucial that you shape and present that arc on your own platform. 

As the world of stage performance tries to usher in a new generation of fans, connecting online first can be the exact right recipe for bringing in fresh theater lovers at the end of these closures. And a performer who comes with an audience will have a leg up with those trying to fill seats. 


Creating Content That Bridges the Gap


In addition to making sure all your existing assets are collected and shared in a way that anyone can digest, now is the time to be thinking about creating more online content to share. Not only will this add to your online portfolio, but it could also open up new opportunities for you in the interim. 

Showcase Your Growing Skills

Undoubtedly, many of you have spent this lockdown practicing. You’ve honed new skills, increased your repertoire, and perhaps added some edge that’s entirely your own. 

Has anyone seen this new set of skills?

Whether you discuss your growth through blogging, record solo performances on a YouTube channel or talk about your niche on a podcast, it’s important to continue to stay plugged into the scene and open about your role in it. Don’t let the pause in performance leave a gap in your career.

Demonstrate Your Ability to Attract an Audience 

The power of online “live” events has never been so crucial. With in-person interactions reduced to exclusively loved ones, if you want to attract the attention of strangers in real-time, going live on a social platform is a great way to build buzz.

Hold a weekly show from your living room if you must. But this will not only keep you relevant in the eyes of fans but serve as a demonstration for your ability to attract an audience. Both important factors that will translate well when you return to the stage. 

You could even make them paid performances through a Patreon or PayPal account as a side hustle. 

Earn Through Instructing

When finances are a struggle for a lot of people right now, the answer to some monetary gaps could be in coaching. Dance studios are closed, performing arts schools are closed, but there are still dreamers out there who want to grow their skills.

As a seasoned performer building their brand, you already have built in skills you could teach through a course or a video series or a workshop! Be a part of growing your community while also making an impact and earning a living doing what you love! 


Leaving a Legacy


We’re all going to have memories of 2020. For some, it has been one of the darkest stretches of their lives. By building a personal brand in this season of unknowns you are leaving a legacy of resilience and growth. You’re looking to the future with hope and excitement. You’re planning for what’s next in real-time. 

Your personal brand is more than a tool. It’s a journal. It’s a history book. It’s a living record of this time in your life. When you think back on this year, it could be thoughts of isolation, distance from what you love, and painful uncertainty. Or it can be a time of focus, change, and evolution. 

We don’t know what stage performance is going to look like. We don’t know when we’ll get to see your amazing talent on stage again. But what we do know is that your skills and passion have purpose and application, right now, here in this time. And we would love to help you build those skills that will translate into an all-new form of expression.