A brand positioning strategy can be a catalyst in whether your business is remembered or not by a customer. Brand positioning can also attempt to spark some recognition from other people outside your usual client base, making it a very necessary inclusion into a marketing strategy to introduce your brand.

Some companies can miss the mark when marketing their business and what they have to offer for various reasons. They aren’t able to achieve the objective of setting apart their brand from the competition and delivering information that engages the audience. 

Developing a good brand positioning strategy and digital content for small businesses can take some time. Here are some steps business owners can take to start setting their brands up for success. 

Determine Your Current Position

The first thing you should do to know how you’ll position your brand is to understand its current standing. Try and gather information about what the brand’s position is in terms of its standing with competitors. Other businesses associated with the same niche that you provide may be doing better in terms of recognition and engagement.

Source data that will also help you understand how customers currently perceive your brand. Do this through checking reviews for quality-based feedback and your Google analytics for statistics-based information to have an accurate read on your brand’s current position.

Create a Brand Positioning Statement

After figuring out where your brand currently stands, it’s time to make a brand positioning statement. Write a paragraph that can help encompass what makes your brand unique compared to the other competitors and what they offer. Answer what your brand is standing for and what it wants to achieve. 

What makes an excellent brand positioning statement is that it speaks to a potential client and provides information on what the brand’s mission is. It should be compelling without being difficult to read and concise without being too dull. 

Develop a Memorable Tagline

A tagline is separate from a brand positioning statement, but it is also a tool for the overall strategy. If a brand positioning statement comprises a short two-sentence paragraph, a tagline is usually made with a short phrase. This can incite a quick recall of the brand solely from reading it.

There’s no shortage of memorable taglines, from Nike’s ‘Just do it and KFC’s ‘Finger lickin’ good’. Try to create a distinctive tagline that people can associate your brand with in order to spark the same recall that customers get. 

Communicate to the Customer

After constructing a statement and a tagline, it’s time to make customers aware of how you’re positioning your brand. It’s advisable to market your brand position and dedicate a site page to showcase the statement and tagline, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

Try different avenues, such as social media. Share an announcement post with your brand position statement and incorporate your tagline at the end of every other post. Make it seem as natural as possible so that a customer can naturally retain this information and remember it when seeing your words.


Brand positioning can be tricky. There are established brands that often have to shift and reposition themselves for different reasons. Increase your chances so that customers can be aware of your brand, products, and services. 

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