People move forward through life guided by many things, but one of the most powerful tools that prompt actions are a person’s emotions. Marketers saw that tapping into the feelings of their consumers can help them cut through the noise, especially in a time when the modern market has grown desensitized over advertisements. 

While it sounds like trickery, it’s really about getting to know your clients well enough to design something they can relate to. Relevance is a vital factor that can evoke emotions from your audience, one that allows your brand to stick in their minds and establish a connection. 

If you’re wondering how to compel your market to get a feel of your campaigns, we’re here to help you unveil the mystery of emotional marketing by getting to the heart of it: 

Tip #1: Don’t Overwhelm Your Consumers with Too Many Emotional Factors 

A busy design can evoke too many emotions at once, making the browsing or buying experience a muddy ordeal. So when designing a marketing campaign, product packaging, website, or any other advertisements, it’s important to zero in on one emotion since this will pack the most impact. 

Not all emotions need to be positive, which means an effective design should incite the emotions you’re going for — be it happy, sad, excited, fearful, sexy, and other sentiments. By eliminating unnecessary feelings, your design can be stronger with a clearer focus. 

Tip #2: Play Around with Metaphorical Comparisons 

It’s easier for people to feel intensely if they can compare your brand with something that seems unrelated at first glance but can metaphorically describe your design. Heavy-hitting brands like Red Bull, for instance, uses wings to suggest that their products can make you feel like you’re soaring high. 

It’s a fun way to frame your brand’s benefits in convincing imagery, allowing you to think outside the box and set your brand apart from the competition in a unique way. 

Tip #3: Focus on Using the Right Emotionally-Charged Elements in Your Design

Various design factors can influence a buyer’s perspective, but effective marketing should use elements that send the right signals at its core. Part of the basics includes the colors, fonts, imagery, and style, all of which can represent your brand. Using sharp lines to capture youthful carefreeness, for example, may not work as well as Toys R Us’ rounded, embellished fonts. 

The Bottom Line: Sparking the Desired Emotions from Your Target Audience Using Good Design 

People love to consume content that has a narrative, especially when it pulls at their heartstrings. Designing campaigns, products, and other marketing collateral with emotional-driven content should make your efforts more relatable, shareable, and memorable. 

All these three elements can fuel their purchasing decisions, encouraging them to purchase your products or services even when your advertisements don’t mention your offer’s features. It’s a tricky line to balance, but knowing how to inform and inspire your target audience can do wonders for making a strong impression. 

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