Every content marketer understands the importance of having content that can boost audience engagement and drive conversions. It’s also crucial to have content that promotes brand awareness and delivers an excellent return on investment.

In 2022, content marketing trends include harnessing the power of account-based marketing to identify the suitable KPIs and metrics to measure and using visual content to create impactful marketing campaigns. 

Here, Elly and Nora Creative, we want to share some of the trends to be aware of this year.

1. Improved Focus on Account-Based Marketing

As the digital marketing industry continues to evolve, B2B and B2C marketers got to face the reality of an impending account-based approach to every aspect of their marketing efforts. This is not a new concept, though. Account-based marketing is already common among B2B companies, with 61% of companies strategically targeting accounts. Account-based marketing usually requires an in-house team, a sales team, and the existing customer data. But what’s happening with account-based marketing in the next five to six years?

Account-based marketing is being driven by marketers’ primary concern – closing more sales. As every B2B and B2C marketer is now focusing on putting their efforts on accounts that have the highest potential of generating more revenue, their marketing efforts will be more focused and efficient.

2. Better KPIs and Metrics for Content Marketing

The goal of every content marketer is to create an effective content strategy that can bring the most amount of traffic to the website, but not all content is made with the same objective. Every business should know the aim of creating content and what needs to be measured. As digital marketers continue to explore the power of content, they need to learn how to measure the right metric to determine the success or failure of their content marketing efforts.

As most businesses are looking for different metrics to determine their ROI, there is a need for clear and concise metrics that can be used for all kinds of businesses. One of the ways to achieve this is to have a business use metrics that can measure both the impact of content and the direct results it brings to the business.

KPIs for Measuring Gated Content

Gated content is the kind of content that requires users to take any action to unlock the content, such as filling out a form or providing contact information. This includes case studies, webinars, and eBooks. To measure the success of gated content, marketers should track and monitor how many people are accessing the content and how many people are opting in to download the content.

3. Video Marketing Takes Center Stage

Video is not a new thing anymore. It has been used for decades, but the use of video in marketing is a relatively recent and high-impact kind of marketing. Video marketing became popular because it can deliver powerful results in several ways. It can deliver personalized messages and an “emotional” message to the audience. As much as 86% of people say that they would rather watch a video than read text.


This year’s content marketing trends are important to know, but it’s also key to remember that content marketing is a work in progress. It’s always recommended to continuously improve and learn what can work best for your business. All of this information is great to have, but it’s not the right way to decide what will bring you the best results. Put your own efforts into creating your content marketing strategy and test it. If you are a business owner, it’s best to work with an agency specializing in content marketing for small businesses. 

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CEO + Creative Director at Elly and Nora Creative
Sara Chambers is a brand strategist and the CEO of Elly and Nora Creative, a full-service creative agency focused on building and activating brave, bold, and brag-worthy brands.