Show gratitude to customers

In times like these, one of the best ways to get out of our heads and into some grace is through gratitude. If you are operating a business, you have customers who have given you their time and their money. During this time of year, ESPECIALLY in 2020, spreading a little joy will not only make you feel good, but it will leave your customers with the warm and fuzzies as well. 


Hand-Written Note


If you ship physical packages, there is just nothing better than a legit, with-a-pen, on paper, handwritten note. It shows care, time, and dedication. It doesn’t have to be a love letter to your enlisted WWII era sweetheart, just a simple “Thank you, I’m grateful you chose us. Wishing you all the best!” will do.


Digital Letter


If you are all online or have way too many customers to handwrite notes to, then you can type up a letter of sincere appreciation to your audience. Share it on social media, include it in a newsletter, post it to your blog. Your people deserve to hear directly from you about how they’ve changed your life for the better. 


Content Bonus


If you have a content-heavy business, now is a good time for bonus materials. It can be holiday-related or just a free course your brand friends weren’t expecting. This can be an exclusive you offer only to existing customers.


Discounts and Deals


It’s an oldie, but goodie. This is a heavy spending season and if you can help relieve that burden by offering a bargain, they will just keep choosing you again and again.


Exclusive Access


If you have a membership site or an upgraded offering, open the doors for a free test ride to the customers who gave you a chance in 2020. Move new fans into the lifelong clients category when you give them a taste of what better access to you offers.


Deliver Delight


Maybe your staff does a choreographed little holiday dance for your followers. Or perhaps you host a local charity event. Sometimes the best thing you can give people is a reason to smile. Dial down the promo and deliver a little delight on your platform. 


There’s Always Free


When we’re building our brand, we use free offers a lot to get new customers in the door, but we often forget to throw one in AFTER someone becomes a customer. Whether it’s a sweet little ornament included in each package or a holiday-themed bundle of presets, we have to make sure FREE isn’t exclusively used as a tool for attracting newbies.


Badass Customer Service


Often the best thing you can offer customers is satisfaction and smooth solutions when an issue arrives. Maybe that’s a money-back guarantee or a rock-solid team expertly trained to tackle any troubles. We can show our gratitude just as much in our worst moments, as we do in our best.

Many of you are experiencing your toughest year in business yet. Some of your customers are also facing terribly troubled times. Even if you are really focused on meeting your sales goals for Q4, don’t forget the people who brought you to this moment, stuck with you through thick and thin, and will see you to the end. They are deserving of thanks and your heart will feel full when you show just how grateful you are. 

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