Show Notes:

Coley and Lindsey stumbled upon their entrepreneurial dream eight years ago out of happenstance when they hosted a backyard junk sale. Since then, they have hosted four Junk in the Trunk Vintage Markets a year — two in Arizona and two in California — started The Foundress and are currently working on The Vintage Arcadia. 

The Foundress is a women’s networking group that exists to help women confidently push the boundaries of their business. Mentors share their failures, trials and successes of leading in their industries with other members looking to flourish and grow their network. 

The Vintage Arcadia will be a restaurant/retail space with farm-to-table dining and drinks from Chestnut, and artisan goods, curated gifts, home decor, and one-of-a-kind antiques for vintage lovers. It is set to open this November. 

With these three businesses, Coley and Lindsey sought to create a hub for like-minded individuals. Phoenix was lacking these types of niche communities, so these two decided it was their job to fill the void. 

Through hard work and determination, and seeking out those like-minded individuals, Coley and Lindsey built their empire. 

These ladies will show you the ropes in finding those niche communities missing a space to connect and network. They will guide you in creating a space for such communities, ultimately filling the void. 

This episode is made in partnership with SMoCA

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts (SMoCA) is featuring its first large scale exhibition of performance art, Counter-Landscapes: Performative Actions from the 1970s – Now.

This exhibition will not only include performance art, but also photography, video, sculpture, painting, drawing and installation — so you won’t want to miss it.

SMoCA is free to the public every Thursday and second Saturday of the month.

Check out SMoCA’s website for more information on this exhibition.