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Malori is the owner and lead designer of Form Floral, an art-focused floral design company based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Though she earned her degree in marketing, Malori found herself craving a more creative path. Over the past six years, she’s honed her floral design skills and grown her business from a home-based operation into the wedding and event floral design company it is today. She even has plans to open a storefront next year.

By putting in the work on her own time, figuring out her best business practices and target clients, and rebranding when necessary, Malori was able to create her dream job.

She also values separating her work life from her regular life in order to maintain a healthy balance. Malori achieves this by doing small tasks like not giving out her number to clients and turning email notifications off on her phone.

Finding a career you enjoy is not an easy feat for most and figuring out ways to pursue it can be even trickier. Malori will teach you how to get to that next step as well as how to set healthy boundaries for balancing work and life.

This episode is made in partnership with SMoCA

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts (SMoCA) is featuring its first large scale exhibition of performance art, Counter-Landscapes: Performative Actions from the 1970s – Now.

This exhibition will not only include performance art, but also photography, video, sculpture, painting, drawing and installation — so you won’t want to miss it.

SMoCA is free to the public every Thursday and second Saturday of the month.

Check out SMoCA’s website for more information on this exhibition.

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