Show Notes:

Kaeli Day has over 15 years of experience in graphic design and screen printing. She is also an illustrator, writer and the owner/CEO of Kaeraz. Kaeraz was founded in 2013 by Kaeli and it features a collection of retro-style tees, accessories and other southwest and souvenir-inspired apparel.

She spends her days running an Etsy shop and business page for Kaeraz, as well as managing clients for her business.

What started as a side hustle and creative outlet for Kaeli, Kaeraz has become a marketable brand. Kaeli has been able to grow her business as an entrepreneur through the integration of different business practices such as utilizing social media platforms like Instagram to drive sales.

Besides this integration, she also notes how essential it is to take inventory of your skill sets for becoming an entrepreneur. With any job comes different life lessons and learning experiences, and Kaeli will help you see the value they have to offer.

Kaeli was also gracious enough to throw in a promotional offer in this episode. Use code “NIFTY” for 20% off your purchase at

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CreativeMornings is a free get-together that is hosted once a month at various venues in Phoenix. It involves breakfast, fresh coffee and a short talk by a chosen guest speaker.

There are currently over 205 chapters of CreativeMornings around the world, and each month, volunteer hosts and their team members organize these conversations around the same theme for the public to participate.

The best part is that it celebrates the city’s creative talent and promotes an open space to connect with like-minded individuals. Now don’t think you have to be a designer or photographer or artist to come, because everyone is creative and everyone is welcome.

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