Every business knows that content is king—you won’t be able to reach your target audience, have brand awareness, or generate profit without crafting excellent content and sharing it through digital channels.

However, online content means that not everything you post will be read or get noticed. With the number of businesses trying to catch the attention of prospective customers, it has become substantially more challenging to gain a competitive advantage in the current landscape. 

So, is there something you can do to stand out from your competitors and achieve your marketing goals? Well, luckily, there is a solution to the marketing problem you’ve been facing—publish less content.

Investing in Quality Content

If you’ve been trying to digitally market your business with the “more is more” mindset, you’re going to have to make a total 180°. The quality vs. quantity debate has been going on for years, but there is one clear point: quality trumps quantity by a long shot!

New marketers have the misconception that when you’re marketing a brand online, you need to post, post, post. This is true, to an extent, but keep in mind that the number of posts your page has won’t automatically lead to more conversions or sales.

Just think about it—are you confident that posting every hour of every day helps your cause, or have you been just wasting your time without seeing much progress or notable results? 

Why Quality Matters

It’s the truth; quality should be valued more than quantity. If you’re a newly-established business, then you should focus on working on quality in marketing. No matter the kind of company you have or the industry you belong to, it’s crucial to create personable content to build meaningful relationships and foster positive emotions towards your brand.

To learn more about why it’s essential to think about how to make your business better and not bigger through marketing, read on to understand what makes quality more significant than quantity:

Establishing Loyalty leads to Success

Focusing your marketing efforts on generating new leads is vital, but simply counting on the number of new customers will not lead to lasting success. Make no mistake, lead generation is important, but allocating most of your budget to customer acquisition alone won’t get you anywhere!

To avoid falling under the one-time purchase curse, you must also invest in your loyal customers. By fostering loyalty with your existing customers, you won’t be as affected when industry issues arise.

You Get to Perfect Your Content

There’s quite a lot of pressure for brands to always be available online, but being active on more social media platforms than you can handle won’t spell good for your business—you’ll just end up being stretched too thin.

If you want your content to appeal to your target audience, we recommend honing in one or two platforms instead. With less on your plate, you’ll also be able to focus on interacting with your audience and boost engagement.


Focusing on quantity alone won’t get you anywhere near your goals. Aside from considering the frequency of interactions your brand has, it’s also crucial to mind what kind of interactions you’re having and if your content is raking in the clicks and sales. With investment in quality content, your business is sure to become more successful online!

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