We’re talking about podcasts again because of the increased popularity they have —and continue to gain. There is a greater demand for high-quality, professionally produced business podcasts and despite the 2021 prediction that 112 million monthly podcast listeners will emerge, many brands are still perplexed as to why podcasting should be a part of their marketing plan. 

With 17% more marketers using podcasts today, businesses simply can’t afford to wait for their competition to set the standard, grow, and thrive. So let’s discover the many ways a podcast can benefit your brand. 

Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasts Foster Brand Identity

A successful podcast may help your brand’s reputation grow and become established as an authority in your niche. When it comes to the topics of your podcast, you can do interviews with experts, or something a little more creative. In the end, keep in mind that you’re building your brand and establishing yourself as an industry thought leader.

Podcasts Put Importance in Audio

Audio is the only type of information that can be absorbed without glancing at a screen. With podcasts, you can engage customers when doing regular, everyday tasks like cooking, driving, or running. In this light, you won’t have to be concerned about people turning off when they aren’t visually engaged.

Podcasts Provide Expertise Promotion

Nobody recognizes the importance of your company better than your employees. Podcasting allows executives and internal specialists within your company to establish a presence in the field, thereby improving your brand’s reputation. Furthermore, podcasts allow your host to deliver your brand’s message in ways that a simple blog post cannot.

Podcasts Increase Your Reach

In terms of engaging your audience in this fast-paced, digital world, traditional content marketing can only carry you so far. Your blog posts and white-papers will not be seen or downloaded by everyone, despite your best efforts. Fortunately, your podcast has the potential to grow in popularity as more customers turn to podcasts for high-quality material, you can take every chance to impart new knowledge.

Podcasts Enhance Your SEO Efforts

Contrary to popular belief, SEO (search engine optimization) can be used beyond textual content. Today, Google prefers podcasts, primarily when they are used across multiple properties. By incorporating keywords from your whole content strategy into your podcast episodes, you may target your search audience more accurately.

Podcasts Promote Community Development

Podcasting is a distributed medium that allows you to listen and communicate with your audience. This way, you’re able to engage with a wide array of listeners while also learning about their preferences. With strong community development, you can uncover a potential fan-base who will help your popularity grow.

The Benefits of a Content Machine

Marketers recognize the need for evergreen content, and podcasts are ideal since they allow listeners to access all uploaded episodes. Even better, as your podcast grows in popularity, you’ll attract new listeners who are interested in a variety of topics. Podcasts can be quite beneficial to the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign. Aside from evergreen episodes, you can even generate video versions for YouTube or transcribe them for use as adverts on your blog.


As a business in today’s day and age, podcasts are a promising medium you should explore. Besides sharing information and attracting new clients, podcasts can be a tool to develop a community while uniquely presenting fresh episodes. Your company’s show can combine all marketing activities while developing relationships and dialogue across the globe.

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