Many brands strive to boost their double-tapped hearts as proof of their engaging social presence, but marketing without a heart won’t cut it anymore in a hyper-digitized world that demands intimacy. 

Gone are the days of Mad Men where advertisements look glitzy and glamorous—in a time when people have grown desensitized to media, the market needs to see a human side to a faceless brand, because catchy taglines and logos are ‘a dime a dozen.’ 

Everyone on your marketing team is a person with hopes and dreams, but how can you humanize your brand as a whole and translate your presence as human-centered? 

Exploring Ways to Show Your Brand’s Human Side 

Tip #1: Put the Spotlight on Your Employees

A brand that hires models of different sizes, colors, and shapes can deliver a message that supports diversity, but when you take it one step further and instead, show your employees, it takes your vision to the next level. 

There is something more empathetic about leading ideas with real people, and while your employees may not particularly be professional models, showing them off every now and then can do deliver brand authenticity. Not to mention, showing the behind-the-scenes of your marketing efforts will help show that there are real, relatable people behind your brand.

Tip #2: Share User-Generated Content 

Curating your content helps refine your brand identity through visually appealing and compelling design, but injecting some user-generated stories in between puts your brand into a real-world context. 

Sharing your target audience’s interactions with your business gives people a sneak peek of how your brand can benefit their lives, but more importantly, it builds excitement for your followers too. After all, brands that take a step down from their seemingly high horse by genuinely engaging with their consumers prove your brand’s trustworthiness and sense of community. 

Tip #3: Listen and Interact with Your Customers

Posting general messages that address a large target audience can feel distant— and it’s a bit overdone. It lacks the sensitivity and genuine curiosity a brand needs to be seen as more human. Talking to a single person can help establish a stronger connection with your market as a whole.

After all, it’s easier to listen and talk with one person at a time than trying to gather everyone to join your conversation. By taking the time to acknowledge and address individual needs or feedback, you can collect more insightful information that you can use to improve your branding. 

The Bottom Line: Breaking Down Barriers by Showing Your Brand’s Humanity 

Consumers no longer trust brands who are all about making flashy talk, that’s why businesses need to step up and show the humanity in their branding by going beyond the screen and connecting with audiences on a deeper level.

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