Having a clear message that’s easy to understand and remember is vital when building your brand. On the other hand, when your messaging is inconsistent, it can undermine your entire brand.

Brand consistency will help you establish credibility and identity. It is essentially a promise of what you as a brand will bring to the table. Your messaging should be consistently delivered through your brand collateral and every time you communicate with your clients.

With these in mind, we compiled five essential tips you can use to successfully develop your brand consistency. Here’s to better branding!

#1 Develop a Strategy

The most important first step to achieving brand consistency is to develop a clear strategy. This will help you define your brand identity, the tone and voice to use, the visual language to use, and the type of content to create.

A strategy can help you be consistent across all your marketing materials, including your website, business cards, brochures, email signatures, social media profiles, etc. It can also help you be consistent with your employees as they communicate with your clients.

#2 Define Your Brand Voice

Defining your brand voice is important in developing your brand strategy. It’s the voice of your brand when communicating with its target market. It’s the tone that tells your target market what you have to offer and the voice they will associate with your brand.

When establishing a brand voice, think about the tone that you want to convey. Is it formal or informal? Formal voice will be appropriate for something like a business letter. Informal voice will be better in something like a friendly conversation. Pinpoint which of the two you want to use and put it in a document to keep as a reference to use as you create your design.

A word of caution, though; Make sure that the voices you choose to use are in line with your brand strategy.

#3 Keep It Consistent and Cohesive

Effective brand consistency can be achieved with a consistent look and feel throughout your brand collateral. Have a unified brand identity across your website, social media, marketing materials, and packaging.

For instance, use the same typeface and color palette across your brand collateral. It’s better to have a limited number of colors that are optimized to work together. Also, choose the typeface that represents the personality of your brand. Do this to achieve brand familiarity. This will help your target market associate the same feeling, word, and meaning of your brand.

#4 Review and Revise Your Brand Identity

It’s important to review and revise your brand identity as you progress in your branding adventure. You may discover that your brand voice and the typeface you chose are not working for you. Or you may realize that you need to have another color that reflects your brand personality. You can be inspired by other brands, too.

Reevaluate your brand strategy with your brand identity. Also, assess whether your brand image is still consistent with your target market’s expectations. When you’re speaking to your target market, are you speaking their language?

#5 Stick with Your Messaging

It’s important to stick with your brand messaging to develop brand consistency. Ensure all your brand messages are consistent with your brand identity.

For instance, you should have all your brand messages tailored to your target market. Don’t use generic messages. Generic messages are the same messages used for any kind of target market. Make sure that your target market is clear about what you have to offer and how you can solve their problems.


In summary, your brand consistency will impact your brand’s effectiveness in communicating with your target market. By following these tips and strategies, you can develop your brand consistency, and you will be on the right track to creating memorable and profitable brand associations.

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CEO + Creative Director at Elly and Nora Creative
Sara Chambers is a brand strategist and the CEO of Elly and Nora Creative, a full-service creative agency focused on building and activating brave, bold, and brag-worthy brands.