Having a steady flow of website traffic may mean that you’re creating valuable content, which benefits your business. Hooray! However, traffic does not give you a full picture of the situation. So, let’s find out what to do with that data.

If you want to assess the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy, you’ll want to evaluate several key metrics that can help you do that. Specifically, let’s look at seven measures that will tell you whether or not your content marketing strategy supplies the outcomes you want and expect.

1. Number of Page Views and Time On-Site 

To measure engagement, you need to know the number of page views and time people are spending on your site. If someone spends a while on your content, they’re more likely to engage. To track engagement and time-on-site, you’ll want to use Google Analytics or a similar analytics software package. 

2. Amount of Search Engine Traffic 

Search engine traffic can be one of the most critical metrics for the success of your content marketing. It comes from optimizing your content to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). That is why it is essential to track the traffic coming from search engines and the keywords that led people to your copy.

3. Amount of Social Media Traffic 

Among the most visible signals of content marketing effectiveness is the amount of traffic it brings. However, to accurately assess the value of that traffic, you need to know where it came from in the first place.

Social media is one of the essential traffic and leads for content marketing. Social shares are a critical element of the traffic metric, but they have different values depending on the social platform and the type of content being shared. 

To see the maximum benefit from your content marketing, you need to know the best ways to encourage social media traffic.

4. Amount of Referral Traffic 

People are more likely to engage with your material if they’ve heard about it from a trusted source.

Referral traffic is usually high quality because it comes from people who have been highly engaged with your copy. The best way to measure referral traffic is to know the specific people sending traffic and the number of times they have referred people to your content. 

5. Number of Conversions from Organic and Social Media Traffic

Google Analytics also allows you to measure how many people have purchased, requested an educational guide, or signed up for a newsletter after visiting your site. You can also measure if you clicked on any social sharing or referring links.

If you want to build an online business, you need to know the specific number of sales directly from your content.

6. Metric from Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) 

Customer acquisition cost is a critical metric because it informs your strategy for content. It can show whether or not your content marketing strategy is effective. It can help you pinpoint which pieces of content are most valuable for marketing to a specific demographic and improve the overall effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

7. Number of Referral Domains and Backlinks 

Backlinks are one of the most visible metrics for content marketing performance because it allows you to see how many other sites are linking to your content on the SERPs. This number is a reflection of how well your content is performing.

Links are one way to measure which pieces of content are the most valuable to your audience, and they also show the performance of your content marketing strategy.


Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers and grow your business. But it is also one of the most challenging strategies to measure. To evaluate the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy, you need to know the seven metrics we’ve outlined in this post.

These metrics will tell you how valuable your content marketing is for your specific business. They will also help you identify weak areas in your strategy that need improvement. With the proper metrics, you can optimize your plan and get the most from your investment in content.

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