When it comes to establishing your brand in the digital space, social media naturally lends itself to network-building and expansion. People already use these platforms in this way, and there are 4.62 billion social media users today—with that number steadily growing.

With the right practices, social media makes for truly effective content marketing for small businesses. We want to share some tips that will help you successfully build your brand on socials.

Establish a Consistent Tone Across SNS

It’s super important to establish a consistent tone when you are building your brand through social media. Even if you try to create a presence on different social networking sites (SNS), you need to have a recognizable presence that feels connected across all channels.

Of course, you still need to adjust the format of your posting to the platform you’re on. For example, a Tweet needs to be more concise with its text, whereas Instagram is mainly visual, but you get the idea.

Create a Brand Voice

What is your brand voice? Your brand voice is the tone that you use when you want to portray your brand to the world. The voice should be unique to your brand to help establish it as a recognizable entity.

This needs to be the basis of how your social media “talks” to its audience. People form a clear personality in their minds when thinking of your brand, and this fosters better connections and retention. It also sets you apart from others as you trickle content from socials to your website and ads.

Make Use of Different Visual Mediums

Social media users tend to scroll through their feed quickly, so things have to capture their attention AND keep it long enough to get a like, follow, and conversion.

For this, you want to have a diverse visual strategy. Get a good mix of pictures, infographics, and even short-form videos to keep people interested in what you post. No matter what kind of visual you use, though, just make sure that it sticks to a style that feels distinctly on-brand.

Be Transparent and Natural

When you’re building your brand on social media, you want to build trust and foster a sense of connection with your audience. This is where transparency and “humanizing” your posts comes in.

Too many brands come off as stiff or trying too hard, which doesn’t inspire anyone to follow. You want your audience to believe in your brand and feel like there is really a person behind the page they are interacting with. This helps both perception and expansion.

Engage With Your Audience

When you engage with your audience, you establish a two-way relationship. This means you’re not just pushing content to your users, but you’re also listening to them. You can cater to your target audience better when you make interactive posts, respond to comments, and reply to direct messages.

Make Your Posts Relevant

When you’re posting, you want to make sure that you are staying relevant. This is to keep your audience interested and engaged over time. After all, people don’t want to be fed stuff that isn’t related to what’s on their minds at the moment. A good rule of thumb is to post about topics that actually apply to your services and pick themes based on current events, seasons, and trends.


As you start building your social media presence, keep these tips in mind so that your business benefits from the growth that happens. You already have the tools for marketing for social enterprises, now you need to put them to use.

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