Content is king. It is and has always been an integral part of promotion for businesses of every size. Without it, you wouldn’t have the means to get your business out there for people to find. Some businesses have gold star ideas and incredible products that would sell better if only they were marketed right. Unfortunately, not all small businesses succeed in this area. If you want to make it big, you need to zero in on your content and avoid these common mistakes: 

5 Pitfalls Small Business Owners Fall into When Making Content

1 – Writing to Please Yourself

We understand that you are incredibly proud of your product or service, and you want it expressed in the way you see fit. The thing is, you’re not the customer here. 

Compelling content is aimed towards a certain demographic. Style, tone, and mood of copy will depend on your industry and the people you want to attract. For example, humor and slang work well if you’re trying to appeal to a younger demographic, but it won’t work if you are in the business of selling medical equipment. You have to be conscious about your audience and what they want to read if you want to make a sale. 

2 – Publishing the Same Thing Over and Over

Diversity is key to keeping things interesting. Being one-note will hinder your progress. Don’t just focus on one topic that’s closely related to your product. Find a range of topics that your target market is interested in and expand the many ways you can share it. 

Not everything has to be a blog. You can make infographics, short videos, Ebooks, and checklists that your customers will find useful. 

3 – Ignoring SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization is the key to making results-driven content. To optimize your content, you have to follow the best practices to make your website visible. That means doing extensive keyword research, using the right H1 tags, filling in meta descriptions, and meeting a minimum word count. 

4 – Coming Off Too “Salesy” 

There is a difference between making ads and writing content. You don’t have to push your product or service desperately. Write something interesting that will grab the attention of others. Build a community with the blog you’ve started. Make memes, start trends, join challenges, and give your brand life. Sales will eventually pick up because of the credibility you’ve built with good content. 

5 – Forgetting the CTA

Just because you’re creating useful content does not mean you have to throw away the sales aspect altogether. Leaving a quick call-to-action at the end of every post is just about right. Leave it in like a friendly suggestion, but make it clear enough that your readers understand what you’re selling them.


Content isn’t supposed to be complicated, but it is quite complex when you dissect it. It takes time and practice to avoid making any of the mistakes listed above. But if you want to get it right the first time but are unsure about your abilities or have no time to focus on marketing, the best you can do is bring in experts from a content creation agency. 

While writing is a basic skill, not everyone knows how to create engaging, exciting, and effective copy. To succeed in content marketing, you need to hire content creators that know their stuff. Elly and Nora Creative is the top boutique marketing agency in Phoenix that can help you create effective strategies to improve your revenue and income.