Show Notes:

Mike is a Phoenix and Scottsdale-based, self-described “storm chasing wedding photographer.” His work has been seen around the world in commercials, documentaries, magazines, movies, sports, television shows, websites, etc., and he’s even received a coveted Emmy Award. 

Specializing in time-lapse storm footage and fine artwork, Mike grew up obsessing over storms. He focused on building his photography portfolio while holding down a full-time job. Eventually, some of his work went viral and he was able to transform his photography business into a full-time career. 

He was able to see that more income streams were possible for photographers than what was considered the traditional norm. However, since storm chasing is a seasonally dependent gig, Mike still offers wedding photography services during the “off-season.”

His intense fascination with storms ignited the fire within him that fueled his life’s passion, which ultimately led to his dream job. 

If there is something you’re passionate about, look into multiple and varied ways to pursue it. Mike’s enthusiasm for storm chasing is a great example that is sure to inspire you in your own field. He also discusses what he considers to be best practices for dealing with copyright issues.

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