Creating a profile for your business can be quite a step up from just managing a personal Instagram account. Although both may be similar in their objective of showing the best of a certain person or object, it’s still different for businesses and companies. 

Brand images, photos, and other digital content help increase audience following and a potential customer base.

Social media is a great resource that can help you connect with people and, in turn, increase your conversion rate. Most companies out there understand the importance of having all kinds of media used and posted, but many still miss the mark. 

We wanted to provide a short guide that can help you dive into how to be more effective in the social media world today, using photography and other digital content.

Work With Creatives

Photography can be quite different from any other activity that your brand may be familiar with. Getting a creative team on board who are already experienced in social media photography can be pretty advantageous. They will know how to capture and create eye-catching images meaning they can help take a lot of responsibility off of you.

Another perk of a creative is that they already have a lot of experience with other industries that may be running similar social media pages to yours. Their expertise and understanding of your business can help cut out the research portion needed for your business’ picture-taking.

Pick a Concrete Subject

Whether your brand is offering a product or a service, decide on a subject. Having something concrete can be pretty helpful in understanding what and how you’re hoping to photograph it. For example, if your company is selling makeup, try to plan photos that are centered around the beauty products themselves or the results they bring. 

Come Up With a Concept or Theme

Having a certain theme can be extremely helpful when conceptualizing what photos you want to put out on social media. Most brands tend to follow whatever is currently trending or in season; so, if summer has just arrived and everyone’s posting about it, take part! It’s a great time to shoot and share a photo of your items or products in the sunshine.

Experiment in Elements

It’s good to think outside of the box sometimes and try changing up different elements, from the lighting being used to the angle that you’re shooting from. Your creative team should be able to steer you in the right direction and advise what looks suitable for your business’s social media profile and what doesn’t.

Make a Schedule

When you’re taking images, try to create a healthy and consistent schedule of when you want to share them. The lack of consistency and regular posting, may diminish your visibility on many people’s social media feeds. Plan in advance about how frequently you would like to post and what there is to share.

Undergo Editing

Whether you’re using a smartphone or a professional camera, it’s still best to have a little editing on the side to make the photos pop and look more professional. Editing apps and software can be confusing for those who aren’t familiar with photography already, so be sure to get skilled creatives that can undertake that responsibility or instruct you how to do so.


Great photos are sure to attract more people to your brand. Therefore, having the right team involved and utilizing these tips, is just the thing you need to make your business’s social media presence much stronger and your conversion rate higher than before.

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