The market is full of different variations of the same products and services. The advertising and branding of a business make these goods stand out, and some of the main selling points made often fall under the umbrella of the unattainable triangle. 

Coined as a marketing term, the unattainable triangle believes that goods and services can never truly be perfect. Choosing between quality, speed, and price as your main selling points helps in marketing the product or service. However, claiming that your goods offer all three would just make it all the more unrealistic to consumers. 

Keep reading to get a deeper look into the unattainable triangle:

Defining the Triangle Sides

The unattainable triangle has three sides. Customers often look for quality, speed, and price when deciding what to purchase, with some prioritizing each element more than others. Companies should determine what they want their traditional and digital marketing to express in coordination with their potential customer base and what they offer.

If these elements seem unclear to you, here’s a brief description on each aspect of the unattainable triangle.

  • Top-Notch Quality. These products and services focus on being the best. Branding your goods as high quality should mean that they’re able to solve the customers’ problems right away and offer so much use, such as clothes or gadgets.
  • Speedy Service. Speed applies most to services where the job is ideally carried out as quickly as possible. Cleaners, plumbers, and the like offer fast fixes that are all done in a day. This will be able to appeal to customers where they’re pressed for time. 
  • Affordable Price. Price can be a selling point for the working class who may be on a budget. In conjunction with other products and services, a lower fee can be a bargaining point that will make clients look at what you have to offer instead. 

Choosing the Triangle Sides

Companies should only choose two sides of the unattainable triangle (at a maximum) to focus on when marketing to their customer base. As mentioned above, deciding to claim that your products and services can check every box will make a customer think that it’s all too good to be true. 

In that situation, it’s important to pick only two depending on the nature of your business and what kind of goods the company is offering. For example, Starbucks focuses on bringing quality and speed to their consumers instead of thinking twice about the price. Try to assess what works for your brand.

Understanding The Triangle’s Importance

Many business owners may ask what exactly is the significance of the unattainable triangle, and the best answer to that is to provide direction. Any company’s marketing arms will need to understand how they want to position the brand and their products or services.

Understanding the concept of the unattainable triangle will make it much easier to select what elements you want to focus on. Answer what triangle side you want your business to encompass. After deciding, you can go forth with your materials and tools from there. 


To sum it up, the unattainable triangle believes that business can only pick two out of quality, speed, and price. The goods can come close, but it’s better not to market them as excellent, cheap, and quick all at the same time. Choose the best to make your brand’s marketing consistent.

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