Competitive content marketing analysis looks at the competitive landscape and checks through content marketing efforts. This process can help you decide if your competition is ahead of the game in a specific area.

How to Conduct Competitive Content Marketing Analysis

The first step would be to decide what metric you want to focus on in your analysis. Perhaps you want to look at the blog content, the SEO, the social media, or the PPC campaign. Whatever you decide, you can use the following tips to do a thorough analysis.

1. Identify Your Competition

The first step is to identify your competition. You can do this yourself or by using a tool.

Some of the options are:

  • Google’s Adwords – find keywords your competitors are using
  • Google’s Hot Searches – find trends in your industry using Google Trends
  • SimilarWeb – check out your competition’s traffic and more
  • Alltop – find content topics based on industry
  • Medium – find influential content authors

2. Take a Look at the Content 

Once you know your competition, the next step is to take a look at their content and see how it’s performing. Check out their blog posts, see what they write about, and how they approach the topic.

Additionally, check out their social media accounts and see how they interact with their followers.

Look at the keywords they are targeting and see what they are ranking for. You can also look at how they are doing their social media marketing to see if they are using any unique or interesting approaches.

3. See What’s Working and What’s Not 

The main point of the analysis is to see where your competition is succeeding and where they are not. Which posts are performing better than others? Check out the content and see if you can figure out why.

Where are they ranked on Google? If they are ranking on the first page, check out their content and see if they beat you in writing the catchy title.

Are they using any interesting approaches to engage their audience, like using videos, infographics, guest authors? What can you learn from their success?

4. Use the Analysis to Your Advantage

Once you do the analysis, you can know your competition much better. You can learn from what they are doing or do a better job than them by adapting their good practices.

You can also create content that targets the audiences that your competitors are focusing on. If you know that your competitor is writing about topics related to finance, for example, it makes sense for you to create content that targets the same audience.

5. Use Your Analysis Strategically

Once you conduct the analysis, you can use a rather strategic approach. You can use it to decide whether to take some of their projects; you can use it to determine whether you are ready to tackle the competition, or you can use it to do better than them.


A content marketing analysis is the first step in understanding what your primary competitors are doing and how well it works. A practical content marketing analysis provides insights that can be applied to future content marketing activities.

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