Do you ever feel irritated when a social media platform drops a new feature? Like… okay I was just getting Stories highlights really working for me and now I have to do another thing!? Seriously, A-NOTH-ER THING?

We get it. Sometimes it feels better to just pretend they didn’t do anything. 

Unfortunately, that could be to your detriment. Though the constant cycle of change and demand for EVEN more content is draining, a new feature also often means a new opportunity to get ahead. 

Let’s talk about the perks of Reels and how to produce ones that rock.


Is Instagram big for your brand?

Let’s first talk about how big a deal Instagram is for you. Is it your primary social media platform? Is it housing a big part of your audience? Do your customers seem to be primarily IG users?

If Instagram already has a big role in your business then you probably should prioritize its new features.

If Instagram is a background account that you keep just to have a presence, but you don’t necessarily depend on it, you may be able to wait in the wings to see if this addition is a worthwhile endeavor. 


Are Reels actually any different from Stories?


At first glance, you might be wondering what the point of Reels even is. It’s essentially IG’s version of Tik Tok. These are 3-15 second clips that provide some fun editing tools and audio overlay to help deliver a quick message.

But what are they for? 

Well… if you could condense your messages into the tiniest bite sizes, what would that be? What is your elevator pitch for each piece of content?

That’s essentially what Reels are.

If you have a whole course on how to knit, you might do a Reel where you hold up the few things anyone needs to start knitting. You might hold up five items people will learn to knit with your course. Or perhaps you’d show before and afters of how people were knitting before they took your class and after.

Each of these messages can be conveyed in 15 seconds or less and they act as an instant gratification information delivery system. We all know people are inundated with content. And we also know sometimes seconds is all you have to convince someone you’re worth hanging out with.

If you’re able to deliver your value proposition in a quick and concise manner, your viewers might consider giving you a lot more of their time. 


But do I seriously HAVE to create new content?


Yes and no. Do you need to deliver the content in a different package? Yes. Do you have to come up with completely, 100% unique ideas you’ve never explored before? No. 

Instead, go back and look at some of your best performing content. Can it be condensed into a couple of quick points? Can you use headlines from blog posts or chapters in your book as guideposts?

When anything new releases, you should be thinking about how you can repackage existing messages and make them accessible in new ways. There will be a time and place eventually for totally unique content, but for now, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Find new ways to make old points and offer a fresh take on a classic. You’re still going to reach new people for the first time with that Reel and you also might provide a friendly reminder to those already familiar with your brand.


Early Adopters Get the Edge

In the same way that Stories often have more visibility than a post in your feed, Reels is afforded some new territory on your scroll as well. Most people will put off using new features until they can no longer be ignored. But for those who dive in first, they are usually rewarded with:

  • More traffic
  • New followers
  • A leg up as the feature evolves

So while we totally get the resistance to anything demanding more from your already busy day, remember that the early bird catches the worm on all social media platforms. Those who get in early and find a way to spearhead the new tool are typically rewarded with increased visibility.


Still need more help? We love this blog post on Reels by our friends over at Later.