Putting your business “on the Internet” is not as easy as it seems. You must first establish a plan so you can have a successful outcome.

Digital marketing is dynamic, and constantly evolving, so you need to keep your efforts up and stay consistent—digital marketing is a continuous process that doesn’t stop at the end of a campaign. If you don’t, your business could fall far behind your competitors. You must continue what you have started to achieve your long-term goals. 

We want to share a few points on how to design a digital marketing campaign that can achieve quality results:

Set Your Goals

This may sound repetitive, but setting your goal before signing up for any digital campaign will always be worth it. It will save you time from starting over again and spending more on trial campaigns. 

Every business has a goal when utilizing the Internet. It can be brand awareness, where people will be more informed about your brand’s existence and purpose, to gain more social media followers, or both. Other businesses aim to be on the top results page of Google to gain more traffic and get more conversions.

Whatever your digital goals are, your steps must align with your goal. 

Create a Customer Avatar

A customer avatar is an ideal customer that is most likely to patronize your business. To create it, you have to start with your existing customers. The customer avatar possesses a set of ideal qualities and meets specific qualifications. If your product is gender-neutral, which gender is more loyal to your brand? What is the age range of your frequent customers? Do your customers live within the location of your business? What is their class status or what are they willing to spend on it?

Aside from the set of qualities, you also need to spend time identifying your customer’s experiences and expectations with your brand. Identify your customers’ pain points or problems and find a way your product or service can help with that. 

Maintain Your Business Tone

Digital content for small businesses must always be consistent with the business tone. Keep in mind that the tone of your digital campaigns mainly relies on your customer avatar. If you are targeting customers in the higher social class, your approach could be premium and serious. If you are after the younger generation, your content could revolve around humor. On the other hand, for customers in any lower class, your brand should be affordable (but not cheap). As such, sticking to the tone of your brand is essential to creating brand retention and avoid product confusion.

Allocate Your Budget

Remember that your budget will determine the feasibility of your digital campaigns. Don’t be discouraged by that aspect because digital marketing is actually quite budget-friendly. If you have enough of a budget, you can distribute your budget into different digital channels. Luckily, you can modify your campaign in terms of duration and reach according to the budget that you afford.

With digital marketing, you don’t have to spend more than what you are comfortable with. 


Digital marketing is the most effective way to advertise your brand at an affordable price. Yet, social media isn’t as easy as one click. Because of this, brand owners and digital strategists still need to create a plan to make the campaign work according to the business goals. This is why business owners and marketing agencies should consider working hand in hand to develop a marketing campaign that will surely return the investment. 

Elly and Nora Creative is a digital marketing agency in Phoenix that tells stories through publicity, digital content, and branding. We create campaigns that are clear and exciting in a way that still reflects your brand’s tone. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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