Trust is at the foundation of any good relationship and it’s no different in the business world. Without trust, customers don’t show up to purchase products or pay for services. Most likely they won’t be thinking about working with that company because there isn’t any trust.

So, the question becomes: how can you make your business brand more trustworthy?

It’s actually quite simple. We are all inclined to trust brands that we can relate to; human brands over robotic ones, so in order for your brand to stand out, you need to make sure you’re building that trust by being genuine and showing up as yourself

Here are some tips for building brand trust to grow your brand.

1. Share Your Story

Do you have an “about me” page on your website? If you don’t yet— it’s time to create one. This page will tell others who you are, what you stand for, and what your goals are as a company. In a sense, you’re telling a story starting from how you began, who is working with you, the values and visions you have, and the future you dream about. Having a story ready to share with the people about your brand shows transparency and that builds trust!

2. Start a Blog

Many people surf the web looking for information and answers— and most of that comes from blog sites. You need to make sure your website has a blog page so you’re able to share good content. Things like tutorials (how-tos), and product highlights; you can even talk about the trends around you that affect you and your industry. Whatever it is you do, your blog page will give you a chance to share valuable information with your audience, creating a stronger relationship. 

3. Highlight Individuals

It’s recommended that you highlight both your customers and your employees often. With customers, you can do contests and surveys where they can share their opinions and win rewards. At the same time, you can highlight their reviews and share first-hand pictures on social media, getting your customers more involved in your marketing efforts. As for your staff, highlight them by having a staff page where you can showcase who is working  with you behind the scenes. If you can, try to make video content of people in action, this way customers will see your team hard at work giving your brand a human characteristic.


We hope these tips help you create more trust to grow your brand. Remember, if you want to stand out from the competition who only cares about their bottom line, be honest and genuine. Yes, revenue is important, but creating relationships that respect and trust you is priceless. Apply the tips we’ve shared today, and feel free to implement other methods you find. In the long run, people will come to you knowing that you are someone looking to offer quality and practical solutions to solve their everyday problems!

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