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Kristin is the owner of MasPaz Massage and was working tirelessly to create a thriving massage business. She had recently added team members to scale her business and offer more massage slots, but she knew that she was ready for the uplevel.

This company was already incredible, but they needed a voice, a concrete message, a powerful way forward, and to look every bit like the experts they are.

Their existing brand came off as amateur and lacked the polish that aligned with the quality of services they offer. MasPaz really specializes in alternative massage modalities like Sarga Bodywork and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, but struggled to tell hte full story of why and leverage this powerful differentiator.

Kristin was getting ready to launch her certification programs for teaching these modalities and she knew that she needed a clear and professional brand to create the foundation of an evolving business.

We worked with Kristin and the whole team to create a brand that is worthy of the healing they provide.

✨Brand Strategy
✨Visual Identity Design
✨ Brand Photography
✨ Brand Video
✨ Web design
✨Graphic Design
✨Content Strategy
✨Email Marketing


Hiring Elly and Nora Creative to rebrand my massage business was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Sara’s process is exceptionally organized and efficient, making every step smooth and stress-free. Crafting the right messaging for my brand required a deep dive into who I am, and Sara made me feel truly understood and supported throughout this intimate process. The results were beyond my wildest dreams—she took the raw essence of my vision and turned it into a stunning, cohesive brand. Sara and her team’s professionalism and dedication are unmatched. They consistently go above and beyond, ensuring every detail is perfect. If you’re considering hiring Elly and Nora Creative, prepare to be absolutely wowed.

— Kristin Kirkland


Brand Photoshoot

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