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When we first met Ariana and Ivan their auto glass company was growing, but didn’t look, sound, or feel like the company they envisioned. They had managed to grow their reputation and secure several great partnerships and a loyal customer base, but marketing always felt like an uphill battle.

They didn’t know how to articulate what made them different and felt like they were always up against shady providers and companies who were offering things like rebates and cash-back offers, which will always cause auto insurance to rise.

When we began our conversations, they were operating under a different name and our expertise quickly helped them realize that they were infringing on someone else’s intellectual property. We needed to pivot the business and claim an entirely new name and identity– one they owned.

We walked them through a massive name change and overhaul of every part of their brand. Now, looking back, we can’t imagine them being anything but Gryath Glass.

Today, they have a clear vision for the future and a brand that supports them every step of the way.


  • Business naming, and trademark support
  • Full brand strategy
  • Visual identity design
  • Web design and copywriting
  • Vehicle and apparel design
  • Brand photography and videography with art direction
  • Marketing integrations for email with lead magnet and funnel

Brand Photoshoot

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