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When we first met Dr. Amy, we had a really hard time understanding what it is that she did.

Turns out, so did she!

After Dr. Amy retired as a traditional medical doctor, she found a line of health products and supplements that met her high standards for science and piqued her curiosity for alternative health.

Although she was completely passionate about this line of products, she knew that she had more to share and more to give.

Turns out she had an entire mission, vision, purpose, and brand all within herself.

She went from sales representative to health advocate, and educator. Now she feels empowered to not only sell products, but share ideas.

It was crucial that Amy‘s personality had a space to shine, and that she didn’t come across as a cold and sterile medical doctor. She needed to walk the line and build a bridge between traditional and alternative medicine.

Now she has a platform to build from and a brand all her own.

✨Brand Strategy
✨Visual Identity Design
✨Brand Photography
✨Web Design
✨Email Marketing + Funnels
✨Content + Social Strategy


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Sara Chambers of Elly and Nora Creative.

At the onset, she spent time creating the big picture for me, and what was possible and helped me clarify my path and goals. Then sitting together for several hours Sara brought me through a remarkable process that drew out from my mind and heart my aspirations, mission, vision, values, personality, and my “why”. She helped distill and formulate a beautiful, authentic, and inspiring brand. It has truly exceeded my expectations.

Sara is exceptional in her degree of professionalism, communication, and timeliness. She shows incredible attention to detail. I always felt comfortable and heard.

Sara has truly changed the trajectory of my new profession in an amazing way. I am beyond grateful to her.

— Dr. Amy Leverant


Brand Photoshoot

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