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The Elly and Nora Creative team nailed it from start to finish. They're masters. Grateful for their utmost care on this experience. I feel honored and exemplified.

— Alex Vailas


Alex built an incredible styling business and blog, she was named top Pinner and was one of the first to use Pinterest. She worked with some of the biggest global brands and when faced with a divorce she didn’t want, she had to rebuild a career from the ground up by leveraging everything she knew about marketing. She’s now the SVP of Brand at a major CPG company and she’s helping other women through major life transitions of their own!

Alex is hard to put into a box, so we had to be thoughtful and strategic about how we talk about her, what she offers, and how she wants to be seen.

We worked with her to create a new brand message and a way to speak about her various offerings in a way that feels authentic and clear. We developed updated logos and designed a new site with all the copy.

Alex now has a home on the internet that feels aligned and purposeful as she marches forward.

Brand Messaging
Logo Suite
Web Design + Copy

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