We Make Incredible

Wendi Michelle is as legit as they come. Her extensive experience as a wellness expert mixed with her incredible story of personal triumph and heart for helping others makes her the perfect partner. ⁠

Wendi’s personality is bold and bright, a far cry from the sterile and cliche brands we often see for health pros. We knew we needed to break the mold with her. ⁠

So we did. ⁠

We crafted a visual brand that is life-giving, hopeful, and a great reflection of the powerhouse woman behind the brand.⁠

We also worked with Wendi to create language around what she does and what makes her different that would speak directly to her ideal audience. ⁠
The result was a brand that is perfectly her AND strategic.

Wendi’s old website was confusing and read more like a hodgepodge of all the things she does without any direction. ⁠

The reader would land there and still have no idea what Wendi could do for them or how to engage. ⁠We knew that we needed to not only explain what Wendi does but speak to pain points and solutions to connect the audience. ⁠

Wendi’s new website is not only a beautiful expression of her brand, but the copy is on point, clear, and motivating. ⁠

“In an industry full of manufactured marketing and branding I was adamant about an authentic message.

Sadly many of the ‘experts’ encouraged me to stay on trend and advised bending the truth was just “how it all worked.” That all ended when I found Elly and Nora Creative and the brilliance of Sara Chambers. She celebrated my desire to be honest and vulnerable as a brand. She fined tuned my voice for impactful clarity in a saturated market. She aligned my heart with my image and visually captured the unique essence of my brand. Sara listens intently and deeply cares about her clients. She has unmatched expertise and she is the only one I trust when it comes to authentic branding and marketing. Hands down, THE BEST!”

-Wendi Michelle