We Make Incredible

The Flagstaff Foundry is a monthly variety show in Flagstaff, Arizona. The show proudly disassociates itself with a professional polish and welcomes the weird and gritty night time performers who cover everything from improv to aerial. Their goal is to break down the barriers to self-expression and create a mouthpiece for performance art, to incubate, cultivate, and elevate artistic expression in their community. They needed a branding package that communicated what they do and elevated their communications across print and digital platforms. We developed a brand that is both fun and perfectly foundry.

“Elly and Nora Creative is somehow as delightful to work with as they are talented.

They led me through a deadline-driven project by grounding my ideas in their refined sense of design and market know-how. The result was a brand I love with time to spare!”

– Patty Petelin, Midrange