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Service First Team helps military families buy or sell a home in El Paso, TX.

When we first met Brian and Elizabeth Hall, they were transitioning from a name-based real estate business to building a team and they needed a brand that could help create unity and recruit more agents to work with them.

It was important that we incorporate both their military roots and hints of TX without being cliche. We loved the way this outline design came out and how it is perfect for their logo but also translates into other visual pieces of their business. It’s also based on home architecture commonly seen in El Paso!

We love how their brand represents their business so well. Plus, they’re already getting great use of a consistent message and visual identity across their website, social media, and printed yard signs!

“Working with Sara and her team was such a great experience. Going into the process with her, I was skeptical… ‘Just give me a logo!’. Now after working with Sara’s team I realize there is so much more to branding than that and I am very glad to have gone through the process with her. Sara took the time to get to know us, how we operate and who our clients are. I am thankful for her expertise and patience with us. We have a brand that we love and materials to market that. I would definitely recommend Sara to others looking to develop their brand.”

–Brian Hall

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