We Make Incredible

Sam is an executive leadership coach who uses her extensive background as a therapist and her initiative nature to help her client reach their next level professionally and personally. Sam is a little woo woo and we loved helping her find the right balance between attracting high-performance leaders and inviting them into her unique process. ⁠ ⁠ We were really inspired by neutral colors, the right use of bold patterns, and the luxury feel of high fashion. The result was a brand that reflects Sam’s unique style and expertise. ⁠

“I feel like Sara jumped inside my head and pulled out my essence and voice so clearly.

No detail was spared in the process and the outcome is proof of that. My brand is the perfect balance of who I am and the type of clients I want to attract. I feel more confident as a business owner and I would recommend Elly and Nora to anyone that is looking to elevate their messaging and entire brand aesthetic.”

-Samantha Harper