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Working with Sara and the Elly and Nora team was a wonderful experience. I can confidently say their work into messaging and brand identity was a game changer for my business. I am grateful for the creativity and clarity they’ve brought to my marketing, it makes every client facing decision easier! The comprehensive guide they created truly makes collateral and marketing design seamless. But more than that, they’ve put the soul of my business into a cohesive message and voice. I am so proud of this new look and excited to see how it uplevels my business.

— Megan Kincaid


Megan Kincaid is a trusted real estate partner who understands the profound journey of homeownership. With a background in investment expertise, Megan brings a unique blend of financial acumen and the nurturing care of a devoted mom.

Megan was leaning heavily into her investing experience and felt like that brand message was disconnected from her clients and those she wanted to attract. When we learned that Megan was affectionately referred to as “McCormick Mom” in her community, we knew we had to lean into that message and find a way to bring warmth and nurturing to her brand without minimizing her extensive financial experience.

We developed a brand message that leveraged her expertise in real estate and her role as a devoted mom to infuse her brand with trust and position her as the go-to authority in McCormick Ranch.

We developed a new visual brand that built on that message and created a more polished look that compliments the area where she lives, works, and plays.

We also created a branded website that is the main touchpoint for her brand execution complete with a lead magnet, email marketing integrations, and MLS listing feeds to help her collect information from potential clients.

Brand strategy, messaging, and positioning
Visual Identity Design
Brand Photoshoot + Videoshoot
Web Design + Content
Email Marketing + Social Strategy

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