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Making the decision to work with Sara at Elly & Nora Creative was the best choice I could’ve made for my business! I will admit that in the beginning I had doubts and thought that they couldn’t possibly understand my unique niche, but I was proven wrong!

I wanted to stand out and have an elevated platform for my business. I needed my audience to have a special understanding of what I do, and how I do it.

Sara, and her team absolutely knocked it out of the park! I am over the moon with my new brand and website! All of the time and care that was poured into my project is a testament of the very special job they do. I will be forever grateful!

— Marisa Rodriguez


Luxe Baby Custom Newborn Care is your trusted partner as you navigate parenthood beginning in the first moments of your baby’s life. They’re dedicated to creating deep connections, crafting cherished memories, and setting the standard for newborn support that helps you care for your baby with confidence.

Marisa is the founder of Luxe Baby Custom Newborn Care, which was previously Marisa’s Newborn Care. Marisa is an experienced and well-respected newborn care specialist, but her brand wasn’t telling the story of luxury she wanted. She often works with high-net-worth individuals but was having a hard time talking to the right audience, presenting her offer in a clear way, and standing out from others in her industry- who were all competing for the same low-paying clients. Marisa was ready to step into the next phase of her business and become THE OPTION for parents seeking support as they welcome a new baby into their lives.

We dove into the message that would set her apart and clearly communicate her approach to infant care. We layered on a luxurious look and pulled it all together in a website that will position her in the best light.

Brand Naming
Brand strategy, messaging, and positioning
Visual Identity Design
Brand Photoshoot
Web Design + Content
Email Marketing + Social Strategy

Brand Photoshoot