We Make Incredible

Jessica Fritz is an Arizona-based multi-passionate entrepreneur. Since Jessica spent most of her childhood and adolescence riding, training, and even styling horses, she was ready to find a home next to them once more. She has experienced first-hand the grounding power of their presence. After struggling with bouts of anxiety, she found deep and profound healing among these majestic animals. Years after adopting Ryan and Ruthie, she founded Eunoia Equestrian Wellness so that she could share the power of these majestic animals with others in her community.

We worked with Jessica to create a strategic and intentional brand that well represented her passion for horses and the healing they bring. We crafted intentional messaging that positioned the company well among her ideal audience, developed a suite of visual elements and logos that she can use in various places across multiple platforms, designed and created content for her new website, and executed a custom brand photoshoot to create unique imagery of her space and services.

Web Design

Jessica needed a space online that would represent Eunoia while also giving her audience a chance to book online. This site is the perfect branded home for her new business and gives visitors a clear picture of what her sessions include.

Brand Photos