We Make Incredible

Christelle is a science fiction writer, mama, and educator. She teaches moms how to raise babies and publish books at the same time. Christelle needed a visual identity and a website that communicated her personal brand easily, spoke directly to her ideal audience, and gave her a foundation for the launch of her debut novel (and many more to follow). Inspired by the desert settings of Christelle’s books, we found the perfect way to represent her tagline: Science Fiction With a Soft Center, creating a space that was both feminine, sci-fi, and paid homage to the desert landscape. We helped Christelle with the cover design for her novel The Luxury of Time Travel, established a visual brand identity, and built her the perfect online home.

“Sara and her team at Elly and Nora Creative see you.

I think it’s really easy to find digital branding agencies churning out repeat wins for clients in a cookie-cutter way. That’s not how it’s done at E&N. They get to know (and love) your brand. They make sure they understand you as a person. And what you get is a totally unique, completely customized experience. Sara listens to your why, calculates based on where you want to go, and produces for the future you. The one you’re not even sure you have it in you to become, but she sees the path and puts you right on it. Her enthusiasm for what she does is palpable. She’s obsessed with getting you your desired outcome, but also isn’t afraid to nudge in a direction thinks might work better than what you originally envisioned. She and her team are the perfect blends of accommodating and encouraging. I never felt steamrolled or like it was all up to me to make all the decisions. The Elly and Nora team are true professionals and experts of their craft. Your brand in their abundantly capable hands has the potential to reach heights you never imagined!”

-Christelle Lujan