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Beam Financial Group is an incredible accounting and bookkeeping firm, but their brand, website, and content were telling a different story. ⁠⁠
When building the Beam brand we wanted to break the accounting persona “norm” and let Jessica’s personality shine. Her holistic outlook on life and approach to finances helped us reinvent Beam Financial Group, clarify their ideal audience, and find a way to visually represent all the ways that made them different. ⁠⁠
Through their messaging deep dive, we landed on language that emphasized themes of light and how they help their clients, which led to the perfect visual representation of their brand. We love it when messaging and visual themes align!⁠⁠
The final result is a brand now perfectly represents what Beam stands for, and Jessica’s approach on life.⁠⁠

“When I came to Sara I had virtually no brand identity and my marketing was non-existent. Sara was immediately ready to help and even had ideas that she shared in our initial phone chat. She is so knowledgeable and truly an expert in her industry which is why I was initially drawn to her, but the best part about Sara is she is compassionate, intuitive, and a creative visionary. The brand that she developed for me was next-level in that it truly represented ME. My brand was a tricky one in that I wanted to represent my accounting services and what my company offers, but also wanted my personality and other interests to shine through. She did such an amazing job of balancing those two things. She also worked tirelessly to make sure I was happy with the brand, logos, website, you name it. Any change or request I had, she was immediately there to handle it. Sara is that person that once you are done working with her you say, can we please be friends? She is just a wonderful person both professionally and personally. When I first looked at my brand guidelines and website, I got a little emotional. Finally, a true representation of myself and my company. I was blown away!”

–Jessica Blasingame

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