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A Desert in Bloom Therapy is a comprehensive and holistic treatment center for mental health recovery that integrates various therapeutic modalities such as EMDR, trauma therapy, and specialized support for individuals with eating disorders and those who have experienced domestic violence and childhood trauma. They draw inspiration from the resilience and growth found in desert environments. By honoring the interconnectedness of the body and heart, their approach encourages individuals to navigate their emotional struggles and challenges by embracing their inner strength and potential for transformation, leading to personal growth and the ability to bloom despite adversity.

Kristen is a respected trauma therapist with decades of clinical experience but was ready to go out on her own and establish a private practice. Kristen’s business was already established as A Desert in Bloom, but she needed help finding language to tell the story of the name and pull together a clear brand message that would set her apart from others in her industry as well as connect with ideal clients who are struggling with mental health. 

We paired a clear and custom message with art-deco-inspired visuals and tons of desert-inspired imagery to really communicate the brand. A branded website with a clear message and impossible-to-ignore imagery sets the right tone for this brand as it kicks off and sets sights on incredible impact.

Brand strategy, messaging, and positioning
Visual Identity Design
Brand Photoshoot
Web Design + Content
Email Marketing + Social Strategy

Brand Photoshoot