Brand compliance is essential for any website. Without it, your company’s inconsistent image will just confuse all of your clients and customers. Knowing that it refers to the strict guidelines that will deliver a consistent brand image all throughout, it is safe to say that no venture may ever progress without it.

That being said, you might be wondering about the new brand compliance trends this year 2022. In such a case, no need to worry. We have listed all the necessary tips below for your reference.

1. Logo

The logo is the image that identifies the brand in front of your customer. It is a piece of art that embodies the tagline and the goals of your business. That being said, do not ever change your logo without reason.

You can add a little flair to your logo here and there, but if you’re going to change it altogether, you should have a good reason. As a rule of thumb, you should never change a logo out of nowhere.

2. Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is essential for all businesses. It is the set of branding guidelines that dictate the consistent concept of your brand and the way it is presented to the public. Keep in mind the key objectives of your business and how you want it to be viewed by the public.

Ask yourself things such as:

  • What is my brand’s identity?
  • Which elements represent my brand the most?
  • What is the best medium to represent my brand’s identity?

3. Tone of Voice

The tone of voice is one of the critical elements in a brand’s identity. It is all about the way you speak to your clients and customers and represents the personality of your business as a whole.

As a rule of thumb, you should employ a tone of voice consistent with your brand’s existing personality. This way, it will be easier to create a unique voice for your brand.

4. Don’t Forget About Mobile

People are not only accessing the internet on their desktop computers anymore. With the advent of smartphones, people are now accessing the internet on their mobile phones as well. That being said, it is now safe to say that mobile friendliness is one of the most important elements in brand compliance.

It is no longer enough to have a website that looks good on a desktop or laptop computer. You also have to ensure that your website looks good on all existing smartphones.

5. Don’t Forget About Localization

With globalization, people are no longer staying in their home countries. They are now working and traveling across the world. That being said, it is now safe to say that localization is a must-have in your brand’s image.

Having a localized website will enable your potential clients and customers to find you wherever they are in the world.


The most important thing to remember when it comes to brand compliance is to be consistent at all times. You must be able to keep things running in your brand, especially regarding your image and voice.

As long as you are consistent, with no sudden image shift in identity, your brand will surely stand out and deliver the same message to your clients and customers every time.

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