So many things bring life and sustain the operations of a business, but the most crucial factor is the customers. They share the content, purchase the goods, and recommend it to people when they have a good experience. A brand’s top priority should be making customers happy.

One way of gauging this is through brand perception. How the brand’s image and personality are perceived can make or break a transaction, so it’s important to keep it positive. Businesses may find it difficult to achieve this due to the surge in internet use. With so much information online, consumers can do their research and cancel a purchase because of reviews or user experiences that are shared online.

So, how exactly does brand perception get measured?

Perhaps the answer lies within the tool the consumers rely on when getting a product or hiring a service. There are many ways to try to understand how consumers see your brand. Here are four methods:

How Do Consumers Measure My Brand?


Through Social Media Comments

Everyone uses social media to share their opinions and thoughts, and they often mention their experiences with brands in the mix. Some may even comment on your posts. This allows for a lot of qualitative information about brand perception.

People are on different social media sites throughout their day, so a good rule of thumb is to keep tabs on everything. Twitter is popular for its outspoken nature; users share what they think pretty bluntly. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can be a little different but still provide a way for consumers to talk about a brand.

Through Customer Surveys

If you’re seeking a bit more quantitative data instead of qualitative, running some online customer surveys is a great way to measure brand perception. You can ask direct questions to consumers and figure out how you can improve your business’ image and personality.

Integrate the CSAT survey and Net Promoter Score into the nature of your questions. CSAT focuses on customer satisfaction and experience, while Net Promoter Score assesses the brand’s chances of getting recommended to other clients.

Through Google Alerts

If you need another option consider turning to Google Alerts. This hassle-free feature of Google will give you email updates when someone mentions keywords related to you. Simply enter your brand name and the products or services you have as a keyword. Some may also opt to include their competitors’ company names in order to compare the two and assess how to can gain an edge on them by boosting brand perception.

Through Online Reviews

Another way to gauge brand perception is through online reviews. This is what most customers look up before they purchase a product. It’s what businesses should take a peek at to learn what customers think about the brand and what it offers. 

Having a ‘Google My Business’ listing can help provide a space for your customers to leave reviews. Make some profiles across websites like Yelp or G2Crowd to increase your brand’s chances of getting more reviews that you can then assess and get back to. 


With the tools we talked about today you should be able to learn more about how others feel about your brand and take the necessary steps on how to approach branding from there.

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