Each month we want to take a moment to highlight one of our clients or campaigns we’re working on. We don’t like to brag… except for when it comes to how awesome our clients are and how E&N kicked butt on a project.

Fine, we like a little brag sesh. (EVERYONE should be allowed to talk about something that makes them feel proud!)

Anywhooooo… during our spotlights, we’ll talk a little bit about what we loved, what we learned, and how you can apply these lessons to your own business.

Sound good?

Branded Photoshoot

Client: Ruby Do Boutique

Campaign: Launch a new clothing brand specializing in tween fashion

Elly and Nora Services Provided: 

  • Website
  • Visual Brand
  • Branded Photoshoot
  • Videography

When she came to Elly and Nora Creative, Ruby Franke had a hugely popular personal brand, but was in need of some expert help for launching her first-ever fashion line. The Ruby Do Boutique needed a full branding package. One of those assets was a branded photoshoot to showcase her line of tween apparel. 

What We Loved

For this photoshoot, Elly and Nora Creative was running at full tilt. Our team led the charge as Creative Director and Project Manager/Day-of Coordinators. We also brought in a very talented team of photographers, videographers, makeup artists, models, hairstylists, and staging professionals. 

In our Phoenix-located AirBnB we brought a tween wonderland to life and traveled to multiple nearby locations to showcase the beautiful designs with an AZ backdrop. We captured thousands of shots and hours of footage that would become the cornerstones of the Ruby Do Boutique brand. And it was a blast. 

A few things we loved:

  1. This project involved A LOT of people working together in partnership with the client to capture a brand’s entire vision in a small time frame. While it could have been overwhelming to have so many cooks in the kitchen, it was an incredible experience that assembled just the right amount of skilled experts to make the shoot run smoothly.
  2. The client was involved and willing to take suggestions. This is THE dream as an agency. We want our clients to be a partner in bringing their vision to life. We also love it when we get to bring some of who we are to the table. It creates a magical vibe and a phenomenal end result.
  3. We made a plan and executed accordingly. Everyone worked their tail off on this photoshoot, but we were fortunate to not encounter any major issues. While a little luck may have been involved… it mostly boiled down to planning. A photoshoot is never about showing up and snapping some shots. We had itineraries, and props, and backups for our backups. There was a lot of preparation that went into executing one main day dedicated to the photoshoot and it was so worth it to see the pieces come together seamlessly.

What We Learned

Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Sometimes it takes a village! When Elly and Nora was first founded, like so many new businesses, we took on a lot of work ourselves to save on cost, mitigate risk, and control the outcome. I’m sure many of you can relate. The budding entrepreneur usually wears all the hats. But that’s not a sustainable way to grow and scale.

As our clients have gotten bigger and the projects more elaborate, our team has needed to expand as well. Whether we’re working with trusted contractors or adding to our in-house staff, it makes a world of difference to acknowledge when there is a need to hire instead of being the mad hatter of your own business.

Just because WE COULD offer expert photography doesn’t mean WE SHOULD avoid hiring out to professionals to execute the needs of this campaign.

Just because WE COULD have had one person creative direct and project manage doesn’t mean WE SHOULD use one person for a two-woman job. 

Catch our drift? Some jobs will require that you take the lead, while others may need to be hired out so that you can run a different function. There are lots of choices to be made and just because you can do something one way, doesn’t mean you should dismiss the alternative option. 

Takeaways for You

If we could impart a few pieces of knowledge onto you around this Ruby Do Boutique branded photoshoot project, here’s what bubbles to the top.

  1. A photoshoot requires planning. Whether you have a team of experts or your sister-in-law with her iPhone you need to really think about how you’ll be executing this shoot. What kind of shots do you want to get? What is your setting going to be? Do you need props? Outfit changes? Other people? 
  2. Photos are content. Content requires a story. What is your brand’s story and how do you capture that in an image? For Ruby, her fashion line is aimed at providing age-appropriate clothes for girls in that “in between” phase of life between childhood and teenagehood. So the photoshoot told the story of pre-teen girls. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to hire out/up. We had a lot of moving parts to this shoot. More than most. But your branded photoshoot is about showcasing who you and your business are. This is IMPORTANT! Don’t take this process lightly. It is an area worth investing in to get a professional end result.

We were really sad to hear that the global pandemic deeply affected the success of this budding brand causing Ruby to suspend operations of Ruby Do. We’re not sure what the future holds for Ruby or the brand, but we’re honored that we got to play such an important role in helping it come to life. It was such an inspiring project and we wish Ruby all the best. The website is still up for now. 

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